He is Risen

What a life! Jesus gave it all so we could know Him. He died, descended, and rose again. Jesus is the only person on the planet that would rather go to hell than live a life without relationship with you and me. He died and rose again to defeat death in every area of our lives. He brings resurrection life. No person and no situation is beneath or below His resurrection power. He is a redeemer. His grace and love have always been enough. Whatever feels dead in your life today, He is able to breath resurrection life on you. He gave it all just to know you. He is the God of miracles. He is risen. Happy Easter.

Isaac Stokes

The stage is set. The curtain is drawn. Here comes Jesus on the greatest stage of history. His eyes are resolute knowing the hour at hand. Palm branches wave. Prophecies are fulfilled. In no ordinary fashion the King comes riding into Jerusalem with an acute awareness of the significance of the next few days and the rippling effect those days will have on all humanity. The King is heralded prior to His death. Determined. Humble. Around 2.5 million people crowd the city at that time. Mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, eyes fixed on one simple thing: Jesus. Their reason for gathering was simple- to see and to hail the King. Religious leaders despised this event because Jesus had the attention of the masses. It remains no different today.

Jesus was at center stage. Jesus was the focus of the people that gathered. All eyes were set on the King…

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