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Treasure in the Trash


My 20-month-old son loves to play in my garbage can. It is one of his favorite past-times.  He hunts like he is searching for buried treasure. Sometimes I find him slurping on yesterday’s Starbucks cups, discarded diet coke cans, or even licking the chocolate off Clif Bar wrappers.


His favorite finds, however, are torn up colored paper and big brother’s broken toys. He always finds a way to pull them out and make them fun again. It is like he has searched for and saved a lost treasure. It looks like garbage to me, but to him, it has great value.

Our life with Jesus has a funny correlation. While we don’t read any stories in the Bible about Jesus searching trash bins for His lost toys, we do read about His life mission to seek out and rescue His lost kids.

IMG_3031 copy


We read story after story of Jesus’ unrelenting love that saw a treasure in you and me that He was willing to die for, go to hell for, and rise again to make a way to have unbroken relationship with Him and to bring life again to every dead place in our hearts.

Sometimes our lives might not look like much to us, but to Him our life has great value.

Jesus’ goal was similar to searching for treasure in the trash, but His mission was singular, focused and clear.

Luke 19:10 says, “The Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

No matter our past, our mistakes, our faults, or our failures, His mission was all about finding and reclaiming that which was lost.

He saw the treasure in the middle of our mess and came to fix it, to rescue us out of it and to give us new life in relationship with Him.

If we love Him, we are about His mission.

He saw the treasure in our garbage and was willing to give His whole life to rescue us, to save us.

I am so thankful that Jesus saw something of value in me even though I didn’t deserve it.

This is mercy.

This is grace.

A soul was worth His life.

He went as low as hell to rescue the most unworthy. No place and no person are too lost or too low for Him to go.

No matter how filthy, how stinky or broken, He still sees the treasure in the trash.

His grace is always enough. He paid the ultimate sacrifice to find it and make it new again. If we love Him, shouldn’t we be about His mission? Do we see the treasure that He sees?

I’m challenging myself today.

How about you?


6 thoughts on “Treasure in the Trash

  1. I love this! It kind of reminds me garage sales. We go through other peoples’ old junk and wonder how they could have thrown out something so wonderful. I think we toss ourselves aside easily, feeling broken or old or just tired. But Jesus is always there to say “I still think your precious, even if you can’t see it.” Thank you for writing 🙂

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