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The Birthplace of a Promise–Part 1

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Ahhh….transitions are hard, aren’t they? The leaving of one place to go to another.

Like Mary who heavy with child departed for Bethlehem with no hotel reservations. She was subject to her circumstance that led her late in pregnancy to ride a donkey those many miles to give birth in a stable among livestock. A birth with no epidural or support staff to help her endure the pain. Mary and Joseph labored alone on hay surrounded by dirt, animals and water troughs giving birth to this promise of a child. Not the way any of us would envision the birth of a King. I wonder if Mary struggled to keep her heart right as she laid her first born child in a manger made of hay instead of a nursery fit for a king? I wonder if she thought she deserved better or if she wavered in her belief that her baby really was this promised King that the angel told her about as she held him in the dark in a place made for animals. I have a feeling God knew who He picked, Mary, very well. He knew what she could endure. His plan extended through eternity. And she was right in the middle of His perfect will.

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In different seasons of our lives, many of us will find ourselves uprooted and in the “in-between”, the travel time between one place and another, the distance from one place to the promised place. And often times the very place we find ourselves doesn’t look much like the birthplace of a promise. God’s plan usually doesn’t look very much like our plan.

Whether you are in an in between season or you find yourself hanging onto the hope of a promise in a place that doesn’t look very promising, He is the God of the promise and His plans are good. He has an eternal perspective that gives Him the benefit of knowing how it will work out if we can just hang on to Him, trust Him and keep our hearts right because the birthing process can be messy. And He has purpose in the birthplace.

Hang on to hope. Hang on to HIm.

Every promise has a birthplace.

At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”–Galations 6:9


10 thoughts on “The Birthplace of a Promise–Part 1

  1. Loved your story and the way you told it. The greatest promises do have a birthplace and many times will not be in the place of our choosing.

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