Prayer for Pastor Becky

To all my blogger friends and followers: a prayer request. I’m so blessed by my blogging community and how many of you are intercessors, prayer warriors and full of faith and encouragement for one another.
Here is my prayer request–today one of my pastors and friends begins treatment for lymphoma. She and her husband have had a tremendous impact on my life and literally THOUSANDS of others around the world. They are two of the most amazing and faith-filled people you would ever meet and their faith is known throughout the world. Their passion for Jesus flows out of their lives with every breath.

Over the years, Pastors Jude and Becky have stood in faith for many people needing miracles and healing. Today, if you have faith, would you stand with them in their need and lift up a prayer of faith for Pastor Becky as she begins treatment for lymphoma? You can read more about her story, how to pray for her specifically and how to pray a prayer of faith at beckyfouquier.com. Let’s agree together today and over the coming days and weeks for a miraculous healing in her body. I just believe that as you lift her up in prayer you will see miracles in your own life. Love you all and God bless!


I want to thank the greatest church on the planet, The City Church Ventura, along with all the churches throughout the world and the many friends and ministries who have been praying for us these last ten days. Your prayers have carried us. No one should be without a local church.

Faithfulness to prayer has been a top priority for our church since it’s beginning, and it is something that you all do very well.  Our church has been a miracle from the start, with the miracle of the 6360 Telephone Road property being given to the church. The miraculous hand of our God has been with us the entire journey. I would like to rehearse a few of the miracles, such as the supernatural remodeling of the buildings without incurring debt, the explosive growth in our attendance, our youth and children’s ministry that are national models of excellence, our…

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