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Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

My favorite song right now. Click below to listen.


10 thoughts on “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

      • We loved these videos! It started an hour long YouTube contemporary ballet marathon with my daughter dancing along. She loves dance and all the creative arts. Thanks for sending it!!

      • thats so cool about the ballet… i’m stoked my daughter is doing contempory this year – they’re in a “we just love to dance” class – no formal exams etc so is really based on what the teacher sets… and her continuing on this year was dependant upon the production song for the end of the year… awesomely she will be dancing to Falling Slowly from Once – the theme for the production is musicals and i love Once, so suggested it (also its clean, you know) and so am happy! how old is your daughter?

      • I forgot to reply to your message! I love the videos you’ve been posting. My daughter is only 5 so she is just getting into ballet. She definitely has that creative bent with art and dance so we’re wanting to let her fly in that area. That is really great about your daughter. That is so neat!! I noticed you like to speak and preach…..are you a pastor at your church?

      • yeah we started evangeline when she was 6, this is her 2nd year and its a more informal dance class, which we love, and we adore the teacher… is good to give the kids opportnity to explore some options and “likes” without it being too stressful! my son does heaps of sports at school through school so that is good for him, though he has taken ukelele lessons this year!

        no i’m not a pastor but just super involved in our church and blessed to have that opportunity! officially my main ministry is leading our young adults housegroup with my hubby but i’m also involved in the women’s ministry, lead a mums group, mainly music and various other “stuff” around the place. we used to have a young adults service at 5pm on a sunday which i helped run which is where i started out preaching but now i also get to speak “to the grown ups” in the 10am meeting or the 7pm open meeting (there is no 5pm one anymore)

  1. That is amazing. This was my first time hearing that song, but it reminds me so much of my poem. really cool! I’ve been listening a lot to Misty Edwards lately. I like to put a CD in the truck and just let it play for days before changing. By the way, my dog finally found me. Pictures and story will come soon. 7 week old female pup. Cowboy has his dog!

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