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You’re invited….


Sometimes we just need an invitation to something better than what we can make of our own life.

It’s is Holy Week and He made a journey to the Cross to redeem us and set us free from striving to make something of ourselves. To make a way and invite us into His life.

My heart is overwhelmed. In the background, my kids are fighting, one just dumped a bag of walnuts on my floor, the other won’t nap and I am just plain tired. And I feel guilty for feeling tired because I know this life is an easy one compared to so many. I need a cup of coffee.


And I need this journey.

For Jesus, the journey was overwhelmingly physical and sacrificial. For me, it’s a journey that begins in the heart.

A heart that desperately needs Jesus.

It begins on Thursday night as He asks His disciples to prepare the Passover meal. Jesus’ last supper.

They place the roasted lamb on the table with the Lamb of God, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, parsley and the four cups of redemption on the table. John the beloved asks Jesus to tell the redemption story. They lift the cup of Sanctification, then the cup of Blessing, but as they lift the third–the cup of Redemption, Jesus passes it by knowing He would become Redemption–The Redeemer. It would be through His own life and blood that He would redeem life and bring life. No longer a ritual or ceremony, but a life.

And He invites me to His table. He pours out His life and His blood so I can sit with Him at this banquet table. My heart throbs. I know I couldn’t earn this position. I’ve done too many things wrong, even shamed His name. He has seen my life. He knows I’m not worthy of this place He has set for me. Yet He calls me and I’m no longer unworthy. I sit here by grace and take a seat built by nail scarred hands, blood spilled on this wood, marking my place and with it He writes my name. It’s a mercy seat bought by scandalous grace.  This is redemption.

I’ve failed in every way possible. And somehow I belong here. I know this man who did this for me. He paid my debt and wiped my slate clean of everything I ever did wrong. I was unworthy and unlovely, but He still loved me and called me His own.

I can sit here with confidence because I know how this week ends. I came at His invitation and now He is risen. He is exalted and His resurrected life resurrects me. He poured out His life and gave me a new life.


11 thoughts on “You’re invited….

  1. I know where you’re coming from. I’m struggling with some setbacks at the moment, but in the service this morning I realised they are nothing compared to what others are going through right now

    • It is nice keeping things in perspective, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by and blessings to you and all you are going through right now with struggles or setbacks….I know you know this, but hang in there because He has the victory already and is working it all out for good and you will see Him doing wonderful things in the middle of it! Blessings!

  2. This is a beautiful reminder of what Christ did for you though we are completely unworthy—thank you Jesus for Your love and grace.

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