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More than a Conqueror–how to get the power rise up and find new life whatever you are facing

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We all have those days when we feel like we’re just surviving.

I would be lying to say today didn’t start like one of “those” days. Overnight my ears plugged up and felt like I was on an airplane rapidly descending from 40,000 feet to sea level for about 3 hours straight, my youngest cried out for me to come sleep with him (toddler translation, “seep it me mama” multiple times so naturally I curled up under the blankie in his TODDLER bed all three times until he fell back asleep…yep I did), my oldest climbed in my bed and asked for water at 3 am and when 6 am rolled around I was one very tired and not feeling so great mama.


Morning comes and I get out of bed go to the kitchen and YIKES! Dishes everywhere, toys all over the floor and I stand there in my falling apart PJ’s and crazy bedhead and feel a little confused by what appears to be a bomb site. I think to myselfΒ what happened in here?Β 

And then I remember that yesterday all three kids fell asleep on the way home from church and NONE of them could fall asleep last night so I laid in bed with them and read several books while they tossed and turned as I nagged over and over “close your eyes!”

Yes, it was me who left those dishes out last night and left toys spewed all over the floor. It was not, in fact, a bomb that went off in my house, but my sincere neglect of household duties for a night.

No, the day didn’t have the best start. I was in survival mode. So, naturally, I skipped making breakfast and took them to whole foods for vegan donuts for breakfast (healthier, right?), left the mess at home (obviously to deal with it LATER) and off to the zoo we went for the day. Out of mind out of sight, right?




And sometimes we just have those seasons of life that kick us out of the self contained mess we’ve made and spin us out of control.

We start just trying to get through the day, just trying to keep our head screwed on straight, grasping for a little sanity in the insanity.

God never intended for this life to be “comfortable” and He never meant for us to just be survivors.

He has this life that bled out on the Cross and washed over us to cleanse us from all the things we’ve tried to make survive on our own. (John 1:9) That is the definition of unrighteousness….any areas of our lives we are striving to make right apart from God.

The story didn’t end at the Cross. He died and took with Him all the broken parts of our lives and all the mess we’d been trying to make right. He rose again and in His rising, He gave us the power to rise up out of our circumstance and find new life in Him no matter what we are going through, even if it is a mess we’ve created.

He breathes life over us.

His grace washes us.

He is always enough.

Brokenness, heartbreak, chaos, financial meltdown, stress, marriage issues, loneliness. We might not get delivered from our circumstance, but when we understand the power He gave us to rise up and out of our circumstance and to walk in abundant life with Him we get set free. We can find life in Him and move from surviving to thriving in the midst of any mess we face.

He has made me not to just be a conqueror, but MORE than a CONQUEROR.

And you too.

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” –Romans 8:37

He came not just to bring salvation, but to raise us up to LIFE in those dead and broken areas where we’ve just been surviving.

His grace covers and it is always MORE than enough.

So I say to myself and you today: Rise up! Take your eyes off the mess and place them on Him and His abundant grace that has been poured out to cover every area of your life and to make you more than an overcomer no matter what trial you face.

That is the power of grace.

“You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

I want to hear your story! How has God helping you to rise up to be more than a conqueror in what you are facing today? Do you have a testimony of how God is helping you or did help you overcome your present circumstance and walk in abundant life in Him?


18 thoughts on “More than a Conqueror–how to get the power rise up and find new life whatever you are facing

  1. sounds like you chose the right agenda though – comforting your children, loving them, spending time with them vs something that could be done another time…

    but i so love how you’ve turned this post to Jesus. His power in our weakness. His power in our strength. His life in us all the time!

    • I was really glad to leave it at home, actually:0. And we had a fun time and a friend came so it was great. I feel like every post YOU write turns me to Jesus. I am always so encouraged by your posts. You are a woman of faith! Blessings Claire!

  2. I remember those kinds of days raising my three sons….a dear Christian “friend” Elisabeth Elliot on her radio program Gateway to Joy spoke these words “just do the next thing” and many days that’s what I kept in mind- “just do the next thing”- and asked for God’s help. God is so gracious and kind and patient–know that He loves you so much and will help you to “do the next thing!” Blessings! Laura

    • You must be a mom. πŸ™‚ Or at least know kids. Yes, that was a good choice. We had fun. Out of mind and out of sight! The mess got cleaned later and they LOOOOVED the donuts. Blessings to you!!! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Oh, we all have those days, and I’m sorry yours was so rough. I think going to the zoo was a great way to spend the day. (And the donuts weren’t such a bad choice, either!) Investing in your family is love…toys and dishes can always wait. πŸ™‚ And I love your reminder at the end…because it’s about His grace. It IS always enough. Praying you’re feeling better and that tomorrow will be a little brighter, too. Blessings! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much! I can use the prayers. It is the weirdest thing…I don’t particularly feel sick, but my ears have been plugged up for a few days. REALLY plugged up. Like the kind of plugged up where my kids are yelling at me so I can hear them! πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting my blog and for the words of encouragement. I appreciate it so much and love reading yours. You write with a strong and distinct voice that is so appealing and relatable. I love it.

  4. You are a great Mama πŸ™‚ I love that verse. You are so right God is always more than enough. Oh, some days are so hard though, especially when you have to sleep in the toddler bed, I have been there friend!

    • Yes, you know what I’m talking about…that toddler bed is a trip. I’ve been so tired laying down with him before that I’ve fallen asleep in there! Blessings to you Lisa!

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  6. Today I am in survival mode. Want to fight yet also wan t to cry. Feel attacks all around me from people and circumstances. Trying to defend myself against lies. Not sure what rising above looks or feels like in this. Praying but wondering if my prayers are reaching heaven. Help lord. Rescue me.

    • Praying for you, Lori. God is working it out. Keep your eyes and heart on Him and don’t let circumstances lead you. Stand on Him and His promises. Begin to declare His promises over your life, over Joshie. You are called of God. You are MORE than a conquerer. You are above and not beneath. You are the head and not the tail. You will be blessed in your coming in and going out. You are made for signs, wonders and miracles, not death and destruction. You are led by peace, not calamity. You choose joy, and joy is your strength, etc. These are all scriptures and pray and declare them over yourself, Josh and over your circumstance. He will help you rise above. Circumstance doesn’t always change, but God can change us and give us the grace (always accessible grace) to overcome it and grace to walk it out. You are not subject to your circumstance, circumstance is subject to the will and authority of God. It will not overcome you, you will overcome it by the grace of God. Pray this over yourself….it’s all the Word. Blessings to you and keep in touch. πŸ™‚

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