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I’m With Lincoln–Fighting to End Modern Day Slavery


Watch this video. It will stun you. It will move you.

150 years ago, Lincoln freed the slaves. Today, however, there are more slaves on our watch than at any other time in human history. Many of them are children. Let’s be the Lincoln to our generation.

This video may not be appropriate for young children.


I’m with Lincoln, you?

Check out the producers of this video, MadeinaFreeWorld, and their campaign to take slavery issues to congress or visit The Exodus Road today. Consider subscribing to the newsletters from these two organizations, so you can stay informed of the issue and can be given action steps for becoming a modern day abolitionist.


3 thoughts on “I’m With Lincoln–Fighting to End Modern Day Slavery

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  2. It is sad that although I have been active in evangelical churches for almost 35 years, I did not hear anything about human trafficking until about 3 or 4 years ago. I am glad that there has become a movement within the church to stop it, but unfortunately, the movement is still very small. The church needs to do more!

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