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A little girl and a God-Sized Dream–how to get that dream back

Yesterday we took a little time out to go to the beach.


The waves break, the seagulls rise and the sun beats down warm on our faces.

I watch the white capped water lapping onto the sand and pulling back out to the ocean. Life coming in and going out with the current and washing debris up onto the beach.

So I sit and listen again to a dream in my daughter’s heart that so closely mirrors my own.

I see her tear up when we read stories of our missionary friends who are providing medical care to children in Africa and telling them about Jesus. She is stirred with compassion when she hears stories of orphaned babies.

I love her heart. So compassionate. So generous.

This is my child who when I buy her something special she gives it away and giving it makes her happier than getting it.

She’s the one who listens so intently at night when I read missionary stories and biographies. And we read the same stories over and over again. For her, they don’t get old.

She’s talking to a mama who dreamed of raising her children in a third world country. I know this feeling that stirs in her heart.

For a year and a half she has asked me to take her on a mission trip to hold orphaned babies because someone needs to hold them. 

So I call my good friend, a mama of 6,  who has been on the mission field and I ask her if she thinks my daughter is too young to fulfill this dream. She says “no.”

Children in the third world are caring for households at my daughter’s age.


orphan child caring for baby

child holding orpan

Her dream is a God-sized dream.

And I dream with her. Her dream stirs up a passion in my own heart like the waves stir the ocean floor. I remember God-sized dreams I’ve carried.

But what about that dream we used to have or the one we’ve lost along the way?

2 Kings 6:1-7 is a story of the prophet Elisha and a guild of prophets. They felt cramped under the leadership of Elisha and so they went to the Jordan to each grab a log to build a roomier place. As they began chopping down trees and felling timber, one man’s axe head flew off and sank in the river. It had been a borrowed axe head and this concerned the man who lost it. Elisha immediately asked him to show where the axe head was lost and Elisha cut off a branch and threw it in the spot where it had been lost and the axe head floated to the surface. Elisha then told the man to “grab it” and the man reached out and took it.

We can lose God given dreams along the way like the axe head in the river. Sometimes we’ve felt cramped by God-given leadership and tried to make a dream happen on our own. Sometimes we have borrowed dreams that really weren’t God breathed as our own. Sometimes we just let it sink because we get caught up in working in the moment and it just drops out of sight in the midst of other more pressing issues.

Sometimes we get that little nudge from God or reminder that says, “Show me the spot where you lost that dream.” We think back to that last time we felt passion. We ask God His dream for us.

Then, something amazing happens. God recovers that dream for us and brings it back to the surface in His own timing. And we need to reach out and grab hold of that God-sized dream just as that prophet did with the axe.

Your dream is significant.

It’s God-sized dreams that change lives, move hearts and shake nations.

It is Him alone that fulfills the God-breathed desire in our heart. He is the author and the finisher. He is the completer and the waymaker. He is the God of the impossibly huge God-sized dreams.

So get dreaming.

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38 thoughts on “A little girl and a God-Sized Dream–how to get that dream back

  1. I am so inspired and lost for words. God is bringing dreams to the front. May we just hold on and move forward in spirit and truth. Blessings to you and your family! I look forward to hearing any updates along the way as God shows Himself!! Praise His name on high!

    • Oh, you are always so inspiring! I know I haven’t called….I really think about it everyday and ugg….with 3 little kids I keep getting sidetracked. Soon, terra, Soon!!! Yes, praise His name on high. Amen sister. Bless you and SOON!!

      • Oh my dear sweet friend…. I thank you always as you bring a smile and laugh to my face as you encourage ME! I am glad that I can be inspiring to you. What a joy! No worries Kirsten about calling ( though I have been concerned about you! Lol) because I know having little ones keep you busy! Bless you too ! Looking forward to hearing from you SOON! 🙂 ( you can exhale now )

  2. This is so awesome. I have to echo Terra, because I’m at a loss for words as well. My wife and I have officially jumped into a life of ministry, and Satan has really bombarded us with doubts and questions concerning our visions and desires of where He is leading us. This is encouraging, and very inspirational…

    • That happens to every person in ministry at some point along the way (emphasis on EVERY person in ministry), especially when we face obstacles that seem insurmountable, criticism, pressure, etc (which we all face in ministry). What kind of ministry have you jumped into? I’d love to hear about it.

      • Well, I suppose I should have worded that as jumped into the “pursuit” of ministry. We are involved at our church currently, but I am starting classes in seminary this fall, and my wife and I are pursuing positions at churches in the area. I’ll be the ministry intern at our church this summer (pending, that is, if I get a particular position that begins June 1st).

        All that to say, we are extremely excited to head down this road, but seeing as I recently turned down the “job of a lifetime” (actually using my undergraduate degree), Satan likes to try and make me question this step.

        However, reading stories like this one, and receiving loads of encouragement from family, friends, and others who have already traveled this road, keeps us in check and motivated.

        So, that is a very brief synopsis of where we are currently…

      • So excited for you guys. That is wonderful. Most influential pastors/leaders have turned down the job of a lifetime at some point to follow the will of God for them. You won’t regret it. We embarked on this journey a while ago and all I have to say is that you will face obstacles and you will face criticism, but someone gave me some really good wisdom a while ago that I’ve held onto. 1)Guard your heart because everything you do (in ministry) flows out of it–Prov 4:23 2)Keep thick skin and a soft heart (especially when criticism or doubt comes your way) and 3)Never make a big decision without a word from God. Read the word and LOTS of it until He speaks that NOW word for you. When you face obstacles (and you will face them) you will be able to stand on that word through ANYTHING. You probably already know a lot of this, but it has really encouraged me through the years. Blessings to you and ALL the ways God is going to use you and your wife to make an impact in this generation.

      • Thank you so much… that is very encouraging.

        I’m literally about to write that advice in my journal. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

        Cody & Mandy

      • I love godly parents who raise their children in the fear of the LORD… this gives them the perfect opportunity to become born-again at the right age… what an amazing grace to be able to bring up our children knowing God!

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  4. Such an inspirational story. I know the feeling because I wanted to go on a missionary trip myself, which my church is involved in. However with five children it just not the right time. Yet, last week God placed in my heart another way to fill the vision. I sponsored a little girl name Anna, from Uganda. She is three years old. I’m so in awe of this, but God always has better plans at His time. He knew my heart desire, and I felt trapped like I couldn’t do something life changing, because I have to be here for my little ones. But I’m over-joyed and received my sponsor packet yesterday.

    I’m so delighted that you’re going to make an impact in your daughter’s life for the kingdom of God. Thanks for sharing.

    • I love your story! You have 5 kids…wow. I’m in awe of you. I would love to have 5 kids. Yes, I can relate to timing! So glad God is always right on time. I love that you sponsored a child…..I know what you mean, God always is able to fulfill the desires of our hearts in His timing and sometimes that missionary heart gets fulfilled by sponsoring children and pouring a missions heart into our kids right here because they catch our heart. Thanks for reblogging….blessings to you!

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  6. I love hearing about your daughter’s heart for missions! My 13 years old son shares that passion and dream. I am taking him to Honduras next month with our church to serve to children and women there. This is his dream and God asked me to give him this opportunity. Missions have never been on my heart, but God will show me otherwise through my son. I do worry about him being young, but God will protect him.

    • That is so amazing! I’m so excited for you and your son. Yes, that heart for missions we have, and then seeing it translated into our children=priceless legacy. I hope you write about it!! I look forward to following what God does. Will be praying for you and your son!!

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