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Compassion and World Malaria Day–an amazing video

Click below to watch this amazing video.

Every 30 Seconds–How you can save a child’s life with Compassion



2 thoughts on “Compassion and World Malaria Day–an amazing video

  1. I love Compassion International. My husband and I have been sponsoring a boy in India for 5 years now. It’s such a joy to watch him grow and receive letters from him saying how thankful he is to Jesus and my family for providing for him and his family. The extra money I send him and his family for birthdays and Christmas are especially wonderful to hear about. He buys the most simple things, a metal pot, a fan, a plastic chair and is so thankful. I take so much for granted. I’m ashamed! But this is a joy to help him and his family. It only takes a small amount of our money to send such joy to someone in need. Maybe someone reading this will go to Compassion International and sponsor some wonderful child!

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