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Find Your Secret Place and Listen



He is always speaking.

We need an inner sanctuary, a secret place, where we slow down and with a listening heart, we can hear.

During the birth of my first child, I developed some serious complications.

I left the delivery room and my body began unraveling in the post-partum suite.

I called for the nurse who told me it was normal to vomit so violently after delivery, but something just didn’t feel right.

I got out of bed and sat on the visitors chair.

That was my last memory until I woke up three days later in the ICU.

My kidneys had failed, my liver began to fail, my eye sight had failed due to strokes behind my eyes and my blood pressure went from my normal 100/60 to 200/125.

My heart and my body ached for my baby that I couldn’t see, nurse or hold.

Three days later I was released into post-partum care once again. This time, with a permanent catheter in my shoulder to receive outpatient dialysis.

I was 29 years old.

I laid in the hospital bed praying that God would fix my body. I was in pain and still couldn’t hold food down, but God had brought me back from the edge of death in those hours following delivery. I wanted to believe He could heal my body completely.

Fear gripped me….I thought, “What if He doesn’t heal me?”

One of my last days in the hospital, I was listening to a worship song and crying out to God to heal me.

As the chorus of that song played, “Your grace flows down and covers me. It covers me. It covers me,” I felt like God said, “Daughter, you’re healed.”

I clung to that word. When doctors told me I was very sick, when I had negative prognoses about my kidneys taking way too long to recover in those weeks following delivery, I rehearsed and declared that word. “Daughter, you’re healed.”

Just one word was all it took…one word to hold onto. One moment and one word sustained my life and built my faith.

After I went home, I spent 3 days per week in 4-hour dialysis sessions, and when fear stalked me in the night that I would live the rest of my life this way, I rehearsed that word, “Daughter, you are healed. My grace covers you. It covers you.”

I claimed that word like my life depended on it. And it did.

God is speaking. We need to hear from Him, words from our heavenly father. We cling to them. We cling to Him.

Nine years and three children later, God was faithful to His promise. He healed my body completely.

I needed to hear Him for that word, to listen, so I had that breath of life to cling to and bring me through.

My secret place used to be a special spot. And today, sometimes the place I hear God is in a quiet spot in my living room in the early morning. Sometimes He speaks while the vacuum roars and kids scream. Sometimes it is while I’m on a run or driving with three kids strapped in the backseat.

My secret place is wherever my soul becomes quiet so His voice can become loud, a place in my heart reserved only for Him, where I can listen, because He is always speaking.

God, please speak. I’m listening.

My post took me longer than five minutes today, because, well, I just didn’t want to stop writing.

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48 thoughts on “Find Your Secret Place and Listen

  1. Kirsten … thank you for such an awesome word. One word from God … Rhema word … brings Life! God watched over His Word to bring it to pass in your body! What an awesome God we serve. I remember your battle well. I was traveling with my job & was in Los Angeles . . . God woke me in the nights to pray for you.

  2. This was really good Kirsten. Just like Arlene, I remember this time in your life. You were new to our church and new to the city and all I could think of was how hard it was to be so far from family and be going thru this with your first child. But as we all began to pray for you, I saw how strong your were… knew God was in control and you stood on His Word. He was faithful to fulfill His Word to you and now you can encourage others as they fight battles they think will end their life. Love you and your family! Keep strong….He is still in the Word Fulfilling business!!!

    • Love you Susan!! Not sure if I was strong….but God was faithful. I miss you! What a pleasant treat to hear from both you and Arlene today. Yes, and I’m claiming that word now. He is still fulfilling business….on the earth and in our lives. His word is true. Thank you for encouragement. Love you.

  3. I have made your quote re the “secret place” my cell phone screen saver . . . as a reminder . . . always before my eyes. Love you & miss you, too.

  4. woah! i dont have many words to say apart from woah! wht an amazing God we serve and what an amazing response you had to Him!

    what an incredible testimony! it makes me happy dance!

    i love this line: My secret place is wherever my soul becomes quiet so His voice can become loud, a place in my heart reserved only for Him, where I can listen, because He is alway speaking.

    • Yes, a faithful and amazing God. I look back and hold onto the testimony of what He did and it builds my faith even now. Thanks for reading Claire and as always, you are such an encourager.

  5. I remember rocking your baby boy in the hospital nursery and singing “Jesus Loves Me” when you couldn’t. Three days later your body and arms were still weak, but you held your baby your eyes said it all. People in churches all across Lincoln, NE, across the country and around the world were praying for you. Your Lincoln family surrounded your small family with love, and prayers were answered. Praise and glory to God.

  6. I’m so glad you didn’t stop writing after five minutes, because this entire post is so, so good. What a story you have shared, but, even more, what a GOD we serve! I love how you said that sometimes the time you spent with him is early in the quiet of the morning, but sometimes it’s when the kids are running wild around you. I used to make excuses about not spending time with him, because my days with little ones are so loud and busy, but I’ve learned that that excuse is just a lie. I can BE with Him wherever I am and whatever I’m doing and, really, how else will my children learn to depend on Him at ALL times and for ALL things, unless they see ME doing the same? Such a beautiful post – thank you so much for this! (And, sorry for writing a novel comment – your post just resonated SO well with me today. 🙂

  7. God continues to speak through his Word. Your grandfather would visit the sick and dying in the hospital and care centers . He would carry his Bible and read from the Psalms and pray, even when it seemed patients were not listening or could not hear. But they did hear the comfort of God’s Word and God heard the prayers.

  8. Oh my! I am so blessed by your story! That L&D nurse could have been me, and I’ve sent more patients than I care to admit to the ICU and wonder what ever happens in their lives. I am rejoicing in your healing and in the awesomeness of our God. And your story testifies to His marvelous faithfulness and amazing love. Wow. Just beautiful Kirsten! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  9. God is so awesome…… and His love so precious that He can work such miracles in each of our lives. One day i am going to share a small portion of my testimony with all of you. One part is so close to what you have experienced.

    Thank you for sharing this message. May God continually bless and keep you and yours. All of you are in my prayers.

  10. Thanks for the beautiful song Kirsten. God raised you up like Lazarus and remade you, and gave you a new life to share with others. I am grateful. Keep going for God

  11. How awesome is the God we serve that he heals our bodies! and how amazing it is that he speaks to us in so many ways, in the quiet morning, in the busy afternoon, if our soul is quiet and hungry to hear his voice – he will speak! Thanks for this post, a reminder to abandon all to seek his face

  12. What a beautiful article of the power of God in your life.!…………God is so good to those whose heart is set on him……If you get a minute you might like my article at I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Christ I wrote titled “The Wilderness” I can tell you know of the still small voice of God.God Bless You.

    • I will definitely be reading your article! Thank you! Yes, I know the still small voice of God. 🙂 I’m going to love your post. Thank you for taking the time to read. Blessings.

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