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Jesus + Nothing = Everything

20130722-122920.jpgWe’re in the midst of summer break in our family. We just returned from a 10 day visit to grandma’s house. My kids played with the cousins, swam in the lake, played at the beach, hit some tennis balls, and more than anything, enjoyed precious time with extended family.

My regular blogging schedule will resume later this week (I took two week break).

Thank you to all my readers and the wonderful community here at Godschick. I’m grateful for you in every way.

Jesus is and always will be the center of all we are, all we do, everything we need and the object of our devotion. Jesus PLUS nothing EQUALS everything we need in every season, every trial, every circumstance. Jesus is always enough, the solution to every problem and the hope for humanity. Words cannot express the magnitude, the width, depth and power in the name of Jesus.

Enjoy this new song from Hillsong’s new CD Glorious Ruins.


7 thoughts on “Jesus + Nothing = Everything

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great summer! Love the photo of your little guy swimming! How good is that song – i was at the conference and LOVED every moment of it!!

      • No its not, we are youth pastors at a different church in Brisbane, Queensland! It was my first time at Hillsong for the conference!!

      • So neat! That is awesome that you guys are youth pastors! We were youth pastors for a while….I loved being a youth pastor! Do you love it?

      • yeah we have loved it! we have been doing it for around 6 years now and in September we are handing it over, which is both exciting and sad. But its time and we are working more and more in missions so its definitely a new season for us! Which is both exciting and scary haha…but pastoring young people is awesome, we have loved nearly every moment of it!! Are you guys pastoring a church now?

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