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A Soul Longing for God #yestoGod #palmsup


My soul longs for more of God. And I suppose something deep inside your heart feels the same nudging, the same longing for greater significance, to go just a little deeper, sing a little louder, raise your hands a little higher. You sometimes catch a glimpse into a deeper locked up part of your heart that wants to burst alive inside of you.

I remember a mission trip I took several years ago to the Philippines. Our group went into the slums to do some children’s ministry.

As our vans pulled up and the children’s ministry-mobile bus opened, children came flocking out of the shack lined garbage piles they called home. Over a hundred of them: small children, shoeless, pant-less, some wearing only a diaper, almost all dirty and wearing nothing more than hand me down rags.

I visited the home of a family that day. Proudly, one child led me through a maze of dirt paths running between boxes and stone walls these children called home. As I walked through the door-less entryway, I noticed the whole house for this family of six was smaller than my own bedroom. They had no electricity, no plumbing. Yet, joy filled this little family.

As I visited the home of that child and ministered on that hot sticky day, something deep inside my heart broke open. A floodgate of compassion for the lost overcame me and a longing to live simply and radically for a loving God.



Then we head home. And here I am, a homeschooling mom of three living everyday moments that feel so everyday. Doing the dishes, teaching my kids, taking bike rides and regulating how much media time my kids get daily can feel so, well, mundane. Normal. Un-sexy.

It’s easy to feel like I’m living radically for God on a mission trip, but the place where radical living for God really comes alive is in that intersection of daily living and daily surrender. Today matters more than where we find ourselves. We can live fully for God, radically, right where we are and we can give all we’ve got. That same thing that longs for God can unlock right here.

I know one thing: we can’t make an impact where we are NOT, so we might as well start right where we are and for me, that’s right here in this job of shaping souls and grabbing hold of daily grace to keep on.

This way of living is not commonplace.

Living radically for God, moment by moment, to hear His voice, do His will, live knees down and palms up in surrender in everyday life isn’t for the normal.

So, just for today, I choose to say Yes to God.Β I choose to live radically for Him, right here, in my normal everyday life. We can all start somewhere. Living radically for God is not mundane, does not lack significance and is not normal.

Wherever you are today in your walk with God, start now. Say yes to God. Go deeper. Live radically and fully surrendered. Let Him unlock that part of your heart deep inside that longs for more. And let Him fill it.

So just for today, I choose to live knees down and palms up because every moment counts toward eternity. Tomorrow I repeat.

This is not small obedience, but radical living in surrender to a radical God.

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31 thoughts on “A Soul Longing for God #yestoGod #palmsup

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  2. I so needed to read this today…my husband is currently away visiting the projects that we run overseas and my heart so aches to be with him. Not because I want to travel with him (although I do) but because God has so broken my heart against injustice and for the poor. I long to walk with the people, embrace the mamas and play with the children….and yet here I am, at home in Australia homeschooling my kids and doing everyday life. Its so true though, living for Jesus cannot be compartmentalized to things like the mission field, it has to start and last in our homes, families, churches and everyday lives. We need to be radical for Jesus right where we are because if we cant do that in our daily lives how do we really do that on the missions field. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    • Alana….I’m confident we would be really good friends if we lived in the same vicinity! I can totally relate to your week this week! I never got back to you…you asked me a question on another post about what my husband and I are currently doing and I was going to email you. I’ll do that soon! Blessings to you today Alana!

    • I know! For me too…..for everyone I guess. Choose to say yes to God today. Repeat tomorrow. πŸ™‚ I so appreciate you stopping by and reading! Always love hearing from you.

  3. Kirstin…what a beautiful post. Thank you for this reminder to live radically for Him…right here in the middle of my ordinary. Your words truly spoke to my heart today. Blessings, Shelly (OBS Team Leader/Blog Hop Coordinator)

    • So glad you stopped by to read and that it encouraged you today. Yes, I couldn’t agree more….He is so faithful to show up on a daily basis no matter what season of life He has us in. Mine is in my home right now too. πŸ™‚

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