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Let Down Your Nets–How daily obedience can help you find your calling

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Her heart swelled one day as we prayed for a missionary family halfway across the world. It was like something grabbed hold from the inside and crushed a little piece of her heart with compassion for the fatherless. We didn’t do anything particularly different that day; we did what we always do–look at the world map and pray for missionary families we know in various locations.

The only difference this day was we had a picture of a group of orphans from Africa. I could see it in her eyes. Just a normal day and something changed inside of her.

She started begging us to take her to Africa to hold orphan babies because someone needs to hold them. Then she wanted to raise money to buy backpacks for school-aged orphans. Several months later she’s sitting in the backseat of our car on the way to a meeting with me and she casually announces, “I’m going to be a missionary someday.” Simple as that. One small act of daily obedience to God to simply pray for some missionaries leads to this. 

You can read more about her God-sized dream here and here.

Just an everyday, normal thing and God began to birth a passion in her heart.

Her heart heard His voice and felt His tug.

One day Simon Peter was fishing along the water’s edge. They had spent all morning casting their nets and had caught nothing.  Then, Jesus boards their boats, preaches to the crowds then turns to Simon Peter and says, “Let down your nets” (Luke 5:4)

Being a professional fisherman that had spent hours prior to his encounter with Jesus letting his nets down with no catch, something radical about Peter emerges.  Jesus must have known Peter would respond to Him, because Peter, at the simple command of Jesus, takes his net and lowers it once again without hesitation. This time, he pulls up such massive amounts of fish that the nets start breaking and the boat fills with the catch so quickly it begins to sink.

“Then Jesus said to Simon, ‘Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men.’ So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.” (Luke 5:10-11)

One minute Peter was simply a fisherman. The next, Jesus has called Peter and revealed his life purpose.

He heard God’s voice to do a simple daily act of obedience that led to steps of radical faith and significance..

After Jesus’ call, He becomes a fisher of men, one of the greatest evangelists in the church’s history, and an imperfect but radically obedient man that followed Jesus daily. He found his life purpose, calling and significance in a moment of simple obedience.

Often times, its our daily, simple obedience where we He begins to reveal our calling. Maybe you are a mom home with small children or maybe you feel like your job is insignificant or you have a growing discontent brewing in your soul. Maybe you dream of the mission field or preaching or teaching or maybe you dream of giving away millions of dollars. Maybe you long for to plant hundreds of churches in the 10/40 window. Maybe you just want to find more fulfillment in your daily walk with God.

The Bible says to “Do what your hand finds to do and do it with all your might.” (Eccl. 9:10) Start right where you are. Set your heart to take radical steps of obedience right where He has you. Wherever He has you, be fully there and fully obedient to His voice. Respond in faith, obey radically to His voice and without realizing it, you’ll be taking steps toward your calling.

It’s in that place of daily obedience that God can reveal our purpose to us.

I know my little girl is so young and her passions might change, but I know God is speaking to her. So, here we keep on praying and asking the Lord for the right time to take her to Africa to fulfill her dream. All because of one daily act of obedience.

So, let down your net down. Do what He’s asking you to do today. For me, that’s raising three sweet kids, praying, serving my church and being faithful today to what He’s asking of me. My heart might long for lost souls and far distance shores, but In daily radical obedience He is preparing me and revealing to me His calling.


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14 thoughts on “Let Down Your Nets–How daily obedience can help you find your calling

  1. how amazing is it that God births dreams in small children. My daughter is very similar to yours, she longs to go to India and tell the kids about Jesus. She has a ‘savings’ box that she puts her money in to save up for her plane ticket. They are young, but God uses young people and I never want to be the one to tell her that the dream she holds cannot come true!

    • I know what you mean… me too with my daughter! I’ve been meaning to email you back…I am so interested in what you and your husband are doing overseas. That is so sweet about your daughter. I love that God speaks to children and that they get such a heart and passion for Him and what He’s doing. That encourages me so much. So, I’ll email soon Alana!

  2. Godschick~ My precious babe also said those same types of things when she was a little girl. Now she is 18 years old, has traveled the world serving God, and is studying to be a global doc to reach all of those unheld babies. Yes! Children are honest about what God is inspiring within them. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to watching what God is doing in your life.

    • That is amazing and so inspiring that God has used your daughter so powerfully. Amazing. My daughter has actually said she maybe wants to be a doctor so she could treat orphans and children on the mission field that wouldn’t otherwise get medical care. I’m fully inspired by your comment. Thank you for stopping by and reading and taking the time to comment. Likewise, looking forward to reading more from you and what God is doing in your life. Blessings!

  3. “Start right where you are. Set your heart to take radical steps of obedience right where He has you. Wherever He has you, be fully there and fully obedient to His voice. Respond in faith, obey radically to His voice and without realizing it, you’ll be taking steps toward your calling.”
    AMEN! That’s a great battle charge. Excellent post.
    (Can you tell me how to add a Compassion link banner to my blog?)

    • Yes, a great battle charge is a great way to say it. A great battle charge for my own life! Go to compassionbloggers.com and you can go to “blogger resources” and on that page and you should find a banner or picture/sponsor me ad to post on the side of your blog. Go to your widgets in wordpress and do an image widget. Then, post the url for the image and it will post it to the sidebar of your blog and also link it to compassion.com. Let me know if you need any more help!

      • Well, that turns makes my day even more blessed! I’m having a pretty good day, but you know, I homeschool 3 little kids and some days are more challenging that others. Today has been one of those more challenging ones. 🙂 Needless to say, hearing that makes my day! Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks for the great post! Peter’s story is such a good reminder that our own efforts are pretty feeble, but when Jesus steps in, miracles can happen. Thanks also for that verse from Ecclesiastes, which I had forgotten.

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