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Tomorrow morning my daughter and I will be participating in a 5K walkathon/run fundraiser to raise money for an amazing organization called Fire Over Africa. Many of you have read posts about my little daughter’s BIG heart for Africa. She inspires me. She is largely the reason we are doing the 5K. In fact, I’m calling on you, my blogging community to participate with us and over 120 other walkers in our 5K.

Fire Over Africa is a U.S. non-profit corporation dedicated to the spread of the gospel throughout Africa through the training and equipping of local (Ethiopian) missionaries to plant churches in unreached/unchurches regions in Ethiopia and Africa through Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia and other programs including orphanages, evangelist outreach and medical teams.

The 5K will benefit Shiloh Bible College which provides an accredited university education for hundreds of students and church planters each year over several campuses in Ethiopia. It will also benefit Ebenezer Grace orphanage in Sidama, Ethiopia and will help build a medical clinic in a region in south Ethiopia that has no current medical access. In Ethiopia, there is only one physician for every 750,000 people. As you can imagine, children suffer the most. Over 24,000 children die everyday in the developing world from preventable/treatable diseases simply from lack of medical access. Providing a medical clinic in this remote tribal region in which they work can help change this statistic making basic health care more accessible and be the hands of feet of Jesus in a largely unreached, undeveloped area. Currently, it is a several days walk to the nearest medical clinic.

With over 5,000,000 orphans in Ethiopia, providing needs for orphaned children and babies is vital and close to my heart and my daughter’s heart. We are so excited about raising money for such an amazing orphanage that is doing such an incredible job of loving the fatherless, the orphan and the widows.

My daughter, Selah, is gathering sponsors for the 5K that will take place tomorrow. Her goal is to raise $1000. So far, we have raised $415 and with your help, we are hoping to reach $1000 for this amazing ministry! Even a small donation can make a big impact.

You can donate through your 100% tax deductible gift through PayPal at before 9am PST tomorrow morning. If you decide to donate, please leave me an email at, a comment, or a message through my contact form here so they can match your donation to my daughter’s sponsor form for the 5K.

We personally know the missionaries that run this amazing ministry and we have known pastors of the church who sent them out for many years. I can assure you it is an organization that operates with the highest level of financial integrity.

If you can’t donate at this time, please pray for Fire Over Africa and all they do in Ethiopia to spread the Gospel. We believe prayer is the most effective tool on earth.

Have a blessed Friday, friends, and thank you so much. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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9 thoughts on “Fire Over Africa

  1. your daughter inspires me!!!! Praying that her heart will be full as she does something for the people that her heart is passionate about.

  2. We do something similar at our church (Lighthouse church, Santa Monica CA) and send medical teams/supplies to Africa twice a year. I’m so glad your little girl sees that kids all around the world need help, too! God bless you guys!

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