The Exodus Road

Fighting child slavery

I blog for The Exodus Road. The reason I write for an organization working to rescue children from sex slavery is because I believe that if I won’t allow it for my children, then I cannot allow it for other children. I have a voice and can be a voice for the powerless and vulnerable. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem. Over 50% of the sex slave population worldwide is children. I cannot be silent.

The Exodus Road is a non-profit organization that fights modern day slavery through covert investigations. Our coalition of operatives work together to gather evidence and conduct rescues for those trapped in sexual slavery.

Founded by a pastor and his wife, the organization focuses primarily on interventions and rescuing children from sex slavery. While it is founded in the christian faith, it is not considered a faith-based organization in order to most effectively work with investigators and organizations that may not be of the Christian faith to rescue children. The Exodus Road partners with Christian organizations for after-care of rescued victims.

27 million people are trapped in modern-day slavery. 80% of the victims are women and children and are suffering in 161 countries, including the United States. Sexual slavery has become a lucrative global industry, targeting the poor and inflicting abuse, usually in the darkest of places.

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4 thoughts on “The Exodus Road

  1. I am SO excited about this mode of making people aware of the topic and what is going on in the world concerning human trafficking today. I just applied to join the team of bloggers!

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